09 May 2012

Travel - Princess Cruises to home port a ship in San Francisco

Northern California cruise lovers should be delighted to know that starting in May 2013, Princess Cruises will home port the Grand Princess in San Francisco.  That means simply that the ship will sail from and return to San Francisco.

For northern Californian passengers it means avoiding the the cost, time, and hassle of flying to a distant port to take one of these cruises.  Cruisers can deposit their car close to the ship or even better, leave the car with Bay Area friends and get dropped off at the dock or take a taxi.  (Princess's website shows a current parking rate of $12 per day in San Francisco.)

In 2013-2014, Princess Cruises will offer 7 day California coastal cruises, 10 day cruises to Alaska, 10 day cruises to Mexico, and 15 day cruises to Hawaii.

Except for the Alaska cruises which include a Canadian port-of-call, the Hawaii and California coastal cruises include a stop in Ensenada, Mexico in order to satisfy the requirement that non-U.S. flagged ships must call at one international destination.  (This is required by the Mechant Marine Act of 1920, better known as the Jones Act.)

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