05 July 2011

Amtrak Service and Fares - Routes - # 6 - Short-distance corridors - Central

HIAWATHA (Chicago-Milwaukee)

This short route (86 miles) connects Chicago with Milwaukee making just three stops including one close to the Milwaukee airport to which it is linked with free shuttle service.  Depending on the day of the week, 6 or 7 trains operate each direction.

Like a commuter train, only unreserved coach service is sold.

(Chicago to Grand Rapids, Chicago-Port Huron, Chicago-Detroit/Pontiac)

Amtrak operates three trains daily (business class and coach service) between Chicago and Detroit/Pontiac.

One daily train is operated between Chicago and Grand Rapids (coach service only), and one between Chicago and Port Huron (business class and coach).

Same day travel from Chicago (and intermediate points) and Toronto is possible in either direction but requires arranging one's own transportation between the Amtrak station in Detroit and the VIA Rail Canada station in Windsor, Ontario.  Reservations would have to be made separately with VIA Rail.

At one time Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada operated a through train from Chicago to Toronto through Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario but no longer.

Via Port Huron one can travel between Chicago (and intermediate points) and Toronto but the schedules are such that an overnight stopover is unavoidable.  Between Sarnia and Toronto service would be on VIA Rail Canada, and require separate reservations and ticketing.

HOOSIER STATE (Chicago-Indianapolis)

The Hoosier State operates on exactly the same schedule as the Cardinal (Chicago-Indianapolis-Cincinnati-Washington DC) but only on the 4 days of the week that the long-distance train does not run, thus making for one daily train between Chicago and Indianapolis.  Only coach service is offered on the Hoosier State, without any snack or beverage service.

(Chicago-Quincy, Chicago-St. Louis, Chicago-Carbondale)

Twice daily trains run between Chicago and Quincy, Ill.  Business class and coach service is available.

Four daily trains operate each direction between Chicago and St. Louis with business class and coach class.  The Texas Eagle provides a fifth daily train with the full array of services of a long distance train.

Between Chicago and Carbondale, Ill. Amtrak offers two daily regional trains with business class and coach service.  The City of New Orleans also covers the same route.

The regional trains in these markets sell reserved space for bikes at $10 one-way (June 2011).


Two trains operate daily each direction between St. Louis and Kansas City offering business class and coach service.  Reserved space for bikes is sold for $10 one way (June 2011).

HEARTLAND FLYER (Fort Worth-Oklahoma City)

One daily train each direction offers coach service.

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