28 October 2011

Amtrak Service and Fares - # 10 - Fares, basic principles

This chapter is brief, but sets out the fundamental principles that govern Amtrak fares.

Presenting these first without further explanation or nuance lets us move forward to specific examples in upcoming chapters where you'll see how they apply.

  • Each person pays a rail fare which entitles him or her to a coach seat 
  • For service higher than coach (business class, first class on Acela Express, sleeping accommodations) an accommodation charge is added on top of the rail fare 
  • Accommodation charges for upgraded seats (business class, first class on Acela Express) are charged per person and therefore per seat
  • Accommodation charges for sleeping accommodations are charged per room, regardless of whether one, two, or more persons are in the room
  • Rail fares can be discounted by passenger type (child, senior, and others)
  • Accommodation charges are almost never discounted by passenger type

The next chapter will examine the application of fares on trains in short-distance markets where the seats are sold as unreserved.

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