28 January 2011

Oakland Marathon neighborhood tour - # 8 - Lake Temescal

OK, Lake Temescal isn't really a neighborhood although there are houses not far away that overlook the lake from the Broadway Terrace area.

But it's quite pretty, and the marathon goes right past the lake. 

The bike path that marathoners run on is the former right-of-way of the Sacramento Northern Railway, which ran from Chico via Sacramento to Oakland, and on to San Francisco via the Bay Bridge.

For a brief period (approximately 1939-40) one could board a train in downtown Chico and ride all of the way to the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco without changing trains.  Sure is a good thing we don't have that now, since our transportation system is so much more advanced compared to 70 years ago.  Or is it?

From Rockridge to Lake Temescal runners do some serious uphill work, but there's plenty more in store for them on the way to Montclair.

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(terrific website with historic photos of the railroad and highway development in the Oakland hills)

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