19 January 2011

Rail - "Northern California Explorer" excursion train, 3-5 June 2011

This is just a quick get-out-the-news post.

Last fall I wrote about Trains & Travel's excursion train up the Feather River Canyon to Portola in August.  Well, today I received an e-mail blast from them announcing another 3-day excursion over the 3-5 June period.

This excursion consists of 3 days of daytime travel from Emeryville to Oroville, then Oroville to Klamath Falls, and then Klamath Falls back to Emeryville.  This trip includes the Feather River canyon (as far as Keddie), followed by an exceptionally rare trip up what is called the "Inside Gateway" from Keddie up through Lassen, Modoc, and Siskiyou Counties to Klamath Falls, then from there back to Emeryville.

Chico area readers take special note: there is a 2-day option that allows boarding in Oroville on 4 June and detraining in Chico on 5 June.

Rather than recapitulate everything, here's a link to their website with the details.  This will be an awesome trip!

Further good news from Trains & Travel is that they expect to operate their Cuban rail tour late this year, because the Obama adminstration has sensiby relaxed some of the regulations on educational travel to Cuba.

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