13 February 2011

Oakland Marathon neighborhood tour - # 11 - Dimond District

Next stop on the tour is the Dimond District.  No, that's not a typo that should read "diamond", although that's how it is pronounced.

The race skirts just east of the main business district of Dimond.

Looking northeastward and uphill on Lincoln at the intersection with Macarthur Blvd
This is where the race comes rocketing downhill into Dimond from the Mormon Temple.

Fruitvale Avenue is the "Main Street" and business artery of the Dimond District.  As with almost any part of Oakland, you'll find a wide variety of eating opportunities here.

Just north of the Dimond business area is a lovely park, Dimond Park, which straddles Sausal Creek, and separates the Dimond District from the Glenview District.  The Glenview area is not traversed by the marathon, but its small business area on Park Boulevard is very attractive.

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