16 February 2011

Oakland Marathon neighborhood tour - # 12 - Fruitvale

From the Dimond District runners continue on a downhill trajectory into the Fruitvale neighborhood.

If you don't have time to make a visit to Mexico or Central America, consider an afternoon in Fruitvale instead.  The neighborhood is predominantly Latino but if you are thinking exclusively of Mexico you should also include El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and other countries.

The primary business district - but by no means the only one - is along International Boulevard and Fruitvale Avenue.

BART's Fruitvale station lies just west of International Boulevard and includes a transit village consisting of housing and businesses.  A walk along International Boulevard is filled with sights, sounds, and tastes of Latin America.

A Salvadoran restaurant

Los Mexicanos Bakery

Mariscos La Costa (The Coast Seafood Restaurant)

Dulceria La Rosa - Mexican party store

Beautiful St. Elizabeth's Catholic church on 34th Avenue

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