19 February 2011

Oakland Marathon neighborhood tour - # 13 - Chinatown

The course of the marathon kind of sideswipes Chinatown in its southwest corner, but it really doesn't go through Chinatown.  (The half marathon on the other hand really does.  Take a look at the map of the half if you like.)

But since I'm fond of Oakland's no-nonsense Chinatown, it's part of the tour.

If you run the marathon you won't see any of scenes in the photographs to follow but you'll be very close, and you should come back another time to take a closer look.  Bring your appetite as there are restaurants galore.

I think of the heart of Chinatown as Broadway on the west to Alice Street on the east, bounded by 11th Street to the north and 7th Street to the south.

A typical market with produce both outside and in.  Prices are remarkably low.

The Legendary Palace Restaurant.

Chinese video store window, with political sign.

As in other west coast Chinatowns, there is a significant presence now of Vietnamese.

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